About Us

In the militaries of all NATO nations, a series of world renown call letters and numbers are used to clearly transmit and receive verbal messages of the spelling of certain names or other information. Also, these call letters and numbers are given as titles to certain teams or territories so no mistakes of specifics become present. (i.e. Bravo Team, Sector Echo). The main purpose is simplicity along with easy pronunciation. Sometimes the misspelling of any data can have catastrophic consequences. It’s a method of communication among allies that is specially designed to be easily articulated and understood across language and cultural barriers.

Phonetic designs will incorporate the call letters and numbers into sports apparel.

Fort Hood Texas Military Base

El Paso Military Base

Washington Navy Yard

Phonetic numbers











The phonetic numbers will replace numbers on athletic apparel.

Our Purpose

While I was mobilized with the reserves, I suffered a back  injury. After several doctor visits and x-rays the injury did not appear to be too severe. One year after my tour was over, my left leg became stiff and very sensitive to the touch. The military sent me to a back specialist who conducted an MRI. The MRI revealed a bone fragment in my lower back. Over time the bone fragment had moved to an area that was close to a nerve, it caused severe pain and stiffness in my left leg. I had surgery, lived in a rehab facility for three weeks and then started a two-year recovery process that would not guarantee a full recovery.

I was not able to work for the first year of my recovery. I lived off of savings and support from my family. My life would have been even more difficult if I did not have the availability of savings and the financial support from family. There are plenty of other service members that were injured, and had to endure a recovery period while suffering financially. The goal of Phonetic Designs is to generate a revenue source that will be used to ease the financial burden for service members in need.